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The Center for Computational Intelligence, Learning, and Discovery (CCILD) pursues fundamental research and research-based advanced training in algorithmic models of intelligence, learning, and discovery. A major research focus of CCILD is on the development of advanced algorithms and software infrastructure for data-intensive, distributed, collaborative, integrative e-science driven by scientific, economic, and technological problems of major societal importance in virtually every area of human endeavor.

CCILD core faculty have significant breadth and depth of expertise in artificial intelligence, cognitive modelling, machine learning, data mining, and statistical inference, information integration, knowledge representation, semantic web, service-oriented distributed computing, algorithm design and analysis, theory of computation, and related areas. They are engaged in transformative research on cyber-enabled discovery in collaboration with their colleagues in several areas. Some of this research is leading to fundamental advances in plant and animal genomics (e.g., genome annotation, characterization of macromolecular sequence-structure-function relationships, discovery and modeling of genetic interactions in development, aging, and disease), critical infrastructure (e.g., power systems) monitoring and protection. Additional collaborative projects are underway in Security Informatics, Medical Informatics, and Materials Informatics, as part of the center's e-science initiative.

CCILD offers research-based training opportunities in cyber-enabled discovery to a diverse cadre of graduate and undergraduate students. CCILD faculty are developing, in collaboration with several academic departments and centers, innovative graduate and undergraduate curricula that integrate computational thinking as an integral component of scientific training e.g., as part of the nationally renowned NSF IGERT supported Ph.D. program in bioinformatics and computational biology.

CCILD has a strong portfolio of productive basic and applied research collaborations (funded by NSF, NIH and USDA) that span all three major foci of the NSF initiative in cyber-enabled discovery: from data to knowledge (strengths: data mining, information integration, theoretical foundations); understanding complexity in natural, built, and social systems (strengths: biological systems, critical infrastucture, theoretical foundations) and building virtual organizations (strengths: software cyberinfrastructure for collaborative e-science).


The Center for CILD is directed by Professor Vasant Honavar.








Atanasoff Hall

CILD is housed in Atanasoff Hall on the Northwest side of campus.



Center for Computational Intelligence, Learning, & Discovery
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